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2018/2019 AAUW Colorado Awardees

Annessa Bryant (NCCWSL Scholarship Recipient — Colorado Mesa University)

Congratulations to Annessa Bryant who was selected as a NCCWSL scholarship winner by AAUW of Colorado. Annessa attended the conference May 29 – June 1, 2019 at the University of Maryland, in College Park. She is currently finishing her BS in Accounting at Colorado Mesa University. She is President of her college AAUW affiliate, and active in the Grand Junction Branch. Colorado members had a chance to meet Annessa when she attended Fall Leadership Conference in 2018 and State Convention in 2019. Her outgoing personality and positive attitude were apparent at both events and made her an exceptional representative of AAUW of Colorado.


Elaine Gardner (Legacy in Leadership – Posthumous)

From Betsy Loague’s nomination: “Elaine dedicated her life to AAUW, through her work at the legislature and in supporting educational issues. At the Branch level she held most positions except president. She supported all branch activities and worked hard in Foothills’ final years to keep the branch functioning. The article in the Colorado State Bulletin, Winter 2017, best describes her AAUW involvement. I am aware we have not awarded this award posthumously but Elaine certainly deserves consideration.” Click here to view Elaine’s digital memory book, which the Executive Committee shared with Elaine’s children.

Amy Blackwell (Legacy in Leadership)

From Jill Smith and Barb McDaniel’s nomination: “Working with Amy Blackwell for the past 11 years in AAUW activities we see that she embodies the mission – advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. Her non-partisan advocacy work is well documented at the national, state and branch levels. Amy brought the goals and values from her AAUW work with the UN to all 13 branches in Colorado, of which she is a member! As the state’s website manager and Facebook page manager, Amy has developed ways to inform and educate our members as well as to attract others to AAUW Colorado and Branch activities. She is a mentor and guide who skillfully communicates and reaches out to members to participate and be involved in education. She teaches AAUW’s $tart $mart and Work $mart Programs. Amy, a member of AAUW’s Legacy Circle, is a generous and persuasive donor. She ‘walks the talk’ as an example and inspiration for philanthropy. Her leadership and management skills have brought changes to the structure and focus for state and branch programs and activities. Guided by research, Amy has encouraged branches to understand changing societal trends and how to address them in practical ways.
Knowing Amy Blackwell personally we appreciate her friendship and dedication to making a better world. Even ‘outside’ of AAUW she advocates for a safe and just world for women and girls. She embraces global issues through her professional activities and personally funds initiatives. Amy offers book suggestions that have influenced her, shares her wonderful sense of humor and demonstrates the value of time for reflection and renewal.” Click here to view Amy’s digital memory book.