AAUW of Colorado is proud of our efforts to advance AAUW Education and Training objectives for young women and girls.

A major education and training goal for AAUW is to champion equal access in education, emphasizing STEM.

  • Increase success for girls and women of color in STEM through improvement of and access to learning environments.
  • Support educational pathways for women and girls, particularly STEM and with increased focus for women and girls of color.

At both the National and AAUW of Colorado Branch levels, numerous scholarships and grants are being made available to young women to aid in achieving their educational objectives.

Since 1888, AAUW National has been one of the largest funders of women’s graduate education.

Click the image to learn about AAUW Fellowships & Grants for graduate women.

Click the image to learn about AAUW Fellowships & Grants for graduate women





AAUW of Colorado Branch Scholarships and Grants offer numerous opportunities to young Colorado women in the pursuit of college ad university degrees. Check these out by branch below.

AAUW Aurora (CO) Branch

The AAUW Aurora (CO) Branch awards at least one scholarship annually to an Aurora resident for their junior or senior year at a Colorado college or university. In 2020, Aurora gave five scholarships totaling $6,750 to local college students. The following students were selected: Miriam Romero (University of Denver), Briana Aguilar (Denver University), Victoria Kaufman (University of Denver), Angel Lozano (Metropolitan State University), and Connor Rodenbeck (University of Denver). Click here for more info.


AAUW Boulder (CO) Branch

The AAUW Boulder (CO) Branch provides grants to graduate women at CU-Boulder.  In 2020,
Boulder branch gave scholarships, each totaling $1,000, to three PhD students as shown in the photo (left to right): Lianne Brito (Geotechnical Engineering), Tara Ippolito (Environmental Studies), and Paige Massey (Philosophy). 
Click here for more info.


AAUW Colorado Springs (CO) Branch

The AAUW Colorado Springs (CO) Branch awards scholarships to undergraduate women attending Pikes Peak Community College or the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Click here for more info.


AAUW Douglas County (CO) Branch

The AAUW Douglas County (CO) Branch awards scholarships to Douglas County women who are returning to college. Click here for more info.


AAUW Durango (CO) Branch

The AAUW Durango (CO) Branch offers two $1,000 scholarships annually to undergraduate women attending Fort Lewis College. Applicants must be non-traditional students at least 25 years old, have 30 applicable credits and a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA, be a resident of southwest Colorado,  and have financial need. Applicants must complete a FAFSA and an essay as required by FLC Foundation. Click here to contact the FLC scholarships manager.


AAUW Fort Collins (CO) Branch

The AAUW Fort Collins (CO) Branch Scholarship(s) are awarded to a student(s) who is currently enrolled or plans to enroll at Front Range Community College (award up to $500) or Colorado State University (award up to $1,000).  Click here for application info.


AAUW Grand Junction (CO) Branch

The AAUW Grand Junction (CO) Branch has several endowed funds at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) that help well-deserving women achieve their educational goals.

  • The “Mary” Fund provides scholarships to non-traditional female students who are in there junior or senior year; in 2020, $1,600 was given to six women each for a total of $9,600.
  • The Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) fund supports women studying in a non-traditional field; I 2020, $500 was given to a single student.
  • The “Female Veteran” fund (not endowed yet) supports a female veteran who attends CMU; I 2020, $500 was given to a single student

A total of $10,600 in scholarships was given in 2020. All scholarships are administered by the Colorado Mesa University Foundation.Please contact the Colorado Mesa University Financial Aid Office for more info.


AAUW Gunnison (CO) Branch

The AAUW Gunnison (CO) Branch provides scholarships to women students at Western Colorado University. in 2020, four $600 scholarships were given to non-traditional students. Contact President Sharon Schlegel for more info.


AAUW Littleton-South Metro (CO) Branch

The Littleton-South Metro (CO) Branch has participated in Littleton High School’s STEM program since its inception five years ago. The branch provides $1,000 scholarships to female graduates pursuing a college/university course of study in related fields. The branch contributes the money to the school, and the principal and STEM staff make the selection for the scholarship winners.


AAUW Longmont (CO) Branch

The AAUW Longmont (CO) Branch provides scholarships to women who are St. Vrain Valley School District graduates or who currently reside in the geographical bounds of the St. Vrain Valley School District. These scholarships are administered by the Longmont Community Foundation. Click here for qualifications and application.


AAUW Loveland (CO) Branch

The AAUW Loveland (CO) Branch provides scholarships for Loveland-Berthoud area women who are pursuing graduate degrees. Click here for more info.


2019 Scholarships

In 2019, the 12 Colorado branches gave over $44k in scholarships and other funds to support young women in furthering their education and encouraging them in STEM and other fields.