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TAKE ACTION! Get involved with the Colorado Legislative Process

Know your legislator, the bills impacting women and families, and take action to be sure your voice is heard. 

TAKE ACTION! Influence the National Discussion

Learn about AAUW priorities and be a 2-Minute Activist on issues of concern such as pay equity and non-discrimination.

Be sure to have your say every Election Day – know that your registration is up-to-date

Questions about AAUW Colorado advocacy? Contact Public Policy Co-director Su Ryden by clicking here.

Endorsing Candidates – AAUW does not endorse candidates for partisan office, nor any political party.

Testifying on an Issues – AAUW members frequently provide expert and interested party testimony at legislative committee hearings, school board meetings, and other forums at which the issues being discussed are related to AAUW’s mission.

Participation – AAUW members are also active in voter registration drives, voter education efforts, panels, committees, seminars, letter-writing campaigns, and virtually every other means by which citizens can participate in the democratic process.

Use of Name – AAUW members are urged to support local, state and national measures that implement AAUW priorities. Members may choose not to support such measures, but they may not use the name of AAUW in public opposition to those measures. As individuals, AAUW members are encouraged to be active in the political and legislative process.