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It’s about where we want to be tomorrow!

Have you decided to donate to AAUW?

If so, please be sure to mention that you read about these funds and programs on the AAUW of Colorado website. Then we will receive credit for our part in helping you to find a worthwhile place to give your donation. If you are associated with a Colorado branch of AAUW or there is one in your community, please mention that also.

If you want to give online, click here for the electronic AAUW National donation form. Thank you for your generosity.

Credit Card or Check?

The form assumes you are using a credit card and it is transmitted by an entirely secure server. If you wish to donate by check, make the check out to AAUW Funds, write the name and number of the Fund on the check subject line, include a note with relevant information, and mail both to:
AAUW, P.O. Box 98045, Washington, DC 20090-8045

Already a Donor?

We want to thank all of our donors and members for their generous financial support and personal commitment to the missions of AAUW.

The following list is a summation of the funds:

The AAUW Fund (#9110) supports all of the funds below with distribution going to the fund with the greatest need.

The Legal Advocacy Fund (#3999) supports the protection of the legal rights of those who are facing discrimination.

The Educational Opportunities Fund (#4336) supports educational and lifelong learning opportunities that give women a chance for a lifetime of success.

The Public Policy Fund (#4337) supports advocacy for public policies and laws that are fair to women.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund (#9170) supports AAUW research to provide analysis, data, and accurate information about issues that are important to women and girls.

The Leadership Programs Fund (#4339) supports programs that develop women’s potential to lead in their schools, communities, and country.