2017 Colorado General Assembly Bills of Interest

The AAUW Colorado Public Policy Committee deliberates state bills of interest per the 2015-2017 AAUW Public Policy Program and assigns stances in alignment and per capacity to lobby. We activate our volunteer lobby corps and encourage constituent advocacy on bills with “actively support” or “actively oppose” positions. For bills assigned “support” or “oppose,” we encourage constituent advocacy. As for bills with a “monitor” stance, the committee follows them and may recommend stance review downstream.

For additional bill information and legislator contact info, please click leg.colorado.gov.


  • House Bill 17-1001 (Employee Leave Attend Child’s Academic Activities) — Businesses with at least 50 employees, up to 18 hours per employee of unpaid leave
  • House Bill 17-1002 (Child Care Expenses Income Tax Credit Extension) — Extension for persons with gross income under $25,000. Refundable tax credit. Maximum $500 for 1 dependent, $1,000 for 2 or more dependents


  • Senate Bill 17-067 (Educator Effectiveness 50% Student Academic Growth) — Reduces from 50% to 20% Postponed Indefinitely
  • Senate Bill 17-102 (Prohibit Use Of Certain Student Personal Information) — Specifically citizenship status or religion of the student’s family Postponed Indefinitely
  • Senate Bill 17-118 (Information On Private Occupational Schools) — Must be provided to prospective students and includes completion rates, post grad employment, student debt, etc. Postponed Indefinitely
  • Senate Bill 17-126 (Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board) — Created in the Department of Law to review statewide data and present a report by December 1, 2018 on recommendations on reducing the incidence of domestic violence
  • Senate Bill 17-128 (Higher Education Behavior Policies) — On violations of codes of behavior. Higher education institutions receiving college opportunity fund dollars must develop policies on sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, hate crimes, and publish handbook. Postponed Indefinitely
  • Senate Bill 17-142 (Breast Density Notification Required)
  • Senate Bill 17-193 (Research Center Prevention Substance Abuse Addiction)
  • House Bill 17-1021 (Wage Theft Transparency Act)
  • House Bill 17-1038 (Prohibit Corporal Punishment Of Children) — Applies to employees or volunteers in public school, state-licensed child care centers, licensed child care homes, and specialized group facilities
  • House Bill 17-1068 (Prevailing Wages For CDOT Colorado Department Of Transportation Public-private Initiatives) — Concerning a requirement that the department of transportation consider only proposals for public-private initiatives that will pay prevailing wages for construction labor Postponed Indefinitely
  • House Bill 17-1072 (Human Trafficking Sexual Servitude) — Adds “purchase” of person to definition. Offender must go on sex offender registry. Adds adults to victims.
  • House Bill 17-1116 (Continue Low-income Household Energy Assistance) — By removing sunset
  • House Bill 17-1121 (Patient Safety Act) — In part, requires fingerprint-based background check for select healthcare professional licenses
  • House Bill 17-1122 (Gender Identification on Birth Certificates) — New rules for issuance of new birth certificates for those whose gender assigned at birth differs from current gender Postponed Indefinitely
  • House Bill 17-1156 (Prohibits Conversion Therapy Mental Health Provider) Postponed Indefinitely
  • House Bill 17-1184 (Modern Technology Education In Public Schools)
  • House Bill 17-1185 (Reports Of Suspected Child Abuse Or Neglect)
  • House Bill 17-1186 (Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply)
  • House Bill 17-1188 (Harassment Sexual Orientation Or Disability)
  • House Bill 17-1305 (Limits On Job Applicant Criminal History Inquiries)
  • House Bill 17-1307 (Family And Medical Leave Insurance Program Wage Replacement)
  • House Bill 17-1309 (Documentary Fee To Fund Affordable Housing)


  • Senate Bill 17-039 (Education Income Tax Credits For Nonpublic School)
  • House Bill 17-1085 (Women’s Health Protection Act) — TRAP bill that adds unnecessary regulations and requirement on “abortion clinics” and doctors who practice there  Postponed Indefinitely
  • House Bill 17-1086 (Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act)  Postponed Indefinitely
  • House Bill 17-1099 (No Funding Trafficking Aborted Human Body Parts) — No funding for higher education institutions that engage in trafficking of aborted human body parts, i.e. fetal tissue Postponed Indefinitely
  • House Bill 17-1108 (Protect Human Life At Conception) — Personhood for fetus  Postponed Indefinitely



  • Senate Bill 17-107 (Reward Access To Arts Education In Public Schools) — Additional accreditation points for such schools
  • Senate Bill 17-114 (Accountability For School Districts & Schools) — Greatest emphasis on academic growth indicator
  • Senate Bill 17-123 (Seal of Biliteracy For High School Diplomas) — Sets high standards for eligibility for this recognition
  • House Bill 17-1003 (Strategic Plan To Address Teacher Shortages) — CDHE and CDE to create the plan in coordination with other stakeholders
  • House Bill 17-1042 (Increasing Funding For Full-day Kindergarten)
  • House Bill 17-1127 (Exemption Feminine Hygiene Products From Sales Tax)


  • House Bill requiring health care facilities to allow medical providers to refer patients to another provider when the facility does not provide the service. Adds to the current law that requires provider to refer. AAUW Colorado will actively support.
  • More negative bills for women’s reproductive health, which AAUW Colorado will oppose